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COPA Call for Entries Begins May 13

The 2019 COPA Awards program this year has been tweaked to reflect the needs and trends of the industry. This is no easy task as we are sometimes ahead of the curve in the categories and industry adoption. After consultation with key members of the judging panel and publishers, this year will put a stronger focus on the various channels content is published on and we will have awards for print and digital; email; digital editions; mobile apps and website. These channel categories will allow publishers to demonstrate some of their digital wizardry and design skills. The Social Media and Brand Content categories been tweaked to accommodate the growing use of influencer campaigns.

There is a new division this year for Ethnic Media as part of our mandate of industry inclusiveness and to reflect a multi-cultural society. The COPA Awards program is open to any company and is not affiliated with any trade organization or government agency and is 100% industry funded with over 80 volunteer judges. This is the 11th year of the COPAs in Canada.

The 2019 COPA Rules and Eligibility Requirements are available at this link

The 2019 COPA Program

The process for the 2019 COPA awards is now under way as we will begin with the Call for Judges on April 8 . We will announce the 2019 COPA Awards Rules on May 1 with the Call for Entries on May 13. This year  will include a new division to reflect Canada’s multi-cultural mosaic with an Ethnic Media Division and we have and reached out to some of the leaders in this segment to fine tune the categories. The following are the key dates for this year’s awards. Your feedback is always welcomed at


COPA 2019 Dates

Call for Judges April 8
Call for Entries May 13
Early Bird Entry Deadline June 14
2019 Entry Deadline July15
Finalists Announcement Sep 18
COPA Awards - November TBA



Interested in being part of the COPA judging panel. Click Here to learn more.


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Finalist Awards
Apr 8, 2019 >> Call for Judges
May 13, 2019 >> Call for Entries
June 14, 2019 >> Early Bird Deadline
June 18, 2019 >> Early Bird Extended
July 15, 2019 >> Entry Deadline
July 26, 2019 >> Entry Extended Deadline
Oct 1, 2019 >> Finalist Announcement
January 9, 2020 >> COPA Awards